2018.02.16  Why are jamming devices increasingly valued

The role of the future signal jammer

In the future, however, new “cognitive” jammers will be able to identify and jam a signal autonomously. “cell phone jammer must be smart enough to counter threat advances by instantaneously recognizing signals –even if they morph on the fly– and immediately generate the waveforms to effectively jam them,” said Dan Theisen, Raytheon’s director of Airborne Electronic Attack at the company’s Space and Airborne Systems division, in a statement. “Systems must be able to learn and react during an engagement; true, cognitive EW.”

Residents in the community of Rae Town in eastern Kingston where the Tower Streets Adult Correctional Facility (GP) is located said the interruptions to their cell phone signals have been reduced since the Ministry of National Security restored and optimised two cell phone jammers at the facility.

"First time mi couldn't stand up here and get signal, and see it deh, mi signal full," Michele White said, pointing to her phone. State minister in the Ministry of National Security said that audits will be conducted by the ministry's technology task force in all institutions under phase two of an electronic monitoring programme. When the jammers were initially installed, residents in the community would have to walk to the east end of the community to get signal on their phones.

Next week, the department will begin testing a “micro-gsm jammer” system to evaluate whether such technology can be used to halt inmates’ calls without disrupting services in the surrounding area, including those used by first responders. “There are circumstances where it is appropriate to jam cellphone signals,” said Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

Stopping drones is difficult. “Technological solutions to detect and disrupt drones are in their infancy,” Rosenstein said, adding that the Justice Department supports regulatory changes that would make it easier to deploy interdiction technology and cellphone jamming.

Most of the country requires the license to use the cell phone signal jamming system. Cell phone blocker is using at mobile phone forbidden area to prevent sensitive information/data leaked via a cellular network. What is wifi jammer? Mobile phone jammer is a cellular signal blocker, jammer transmits the same cell phone radio signal overpower and disrupt the communication between the phone and base station. When installing the signal blocker, the jamming distance can only in-jail and does not obstruct the mobile signal outside the prison.

LOJACK Blocker

RF Jamming technology is one of the solutions to solve the issue of contraband cell phones by inmates. According to the state minister for national security Pearnel Charles Jr, the government is advancing the process of identifying and selecting the best, and most modern cellular jammers and other technology solutions. Meanwhile, he says the restoration of the jammers at Tower Street highlights the lack of maintenance and underutilisation in recent years.


2018.02.12  Why is the jammer used in military

The U.S. air force's GPS jammer test

Cell phone jammer is a piece of equipment capable of blocking reception or transmission of cell phone signals. This is mostly done by creating some form of interference at the operating frequency ranges of cell phones, which results in no signal or significant loss of signal quality 

Communication jamming devices were first developed and used by military. This interest comes from the fundamental objective of denying the successful transport of information from the sender (tactical commanders) to the receiver (the army personnel), and vice-versa.

One way to stop these disrupting ringing is to install a device in such places which will inhibit the use of mobiles, i.e., make them obsolete. Such a device is known as cell phone jammer or "GSM jammer", which is basically some kind of electronic countermeasure device.

The U.S. military is worryingly dependent on GPS. Our global positioning satellites tell planes where they are, provide targeting info for smart weapons, and support communication and navigation systems. But in a war with a tech-advanced adversary—think China, Russia, or Iran—GPS could become a big liability because it could be signal jammer, spoofed, or outright destroyed.

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In 2013, the service developed a system called Simulated Programmable Aircraft-Embedded Jammer, which can realistically simulate GPS jamming on one plane's equipment without affecting others.

During the latest US Air Force drill started last Friday till February 18, fighter pilots will be tested if they can carry out operations successfully when the satellite positioning signal is jammed.

According to a web article from Chicago radio The Drive, the military has implemented a jammer that may be capable of meddling with the signal in the whole western US.

The Drive explains why the USAF is determined to use GPS spoofing and jamming technology but offers no insight into what a GPS blackout might mean for the millions of civilians who live in the Western region of the US.

GPS denial is a becoming a huge issue for American military planners. Peer states, especially Russia, are already putting GPS spoofing and jamming tactics to work during various training events near their own borders. We have discussed this situation in great depth before, and I would suggest you read this article to understand just how deeply the loss of reliable global positioning system data can mean for the U.S. and its allies during a time of war, as well as what is being done to overcome such a monumental hurdle.




2018.02.05  Drones are not just toys-we need jammers

Why need drone jammer?

While some drone jammers shoot actual ballistics in hopes of damaging any unwelcome aerial visitors, most modern anti-drone guns use signal-jamming frequencies to confuse the incoming UAV. When a drone’s radio signals are interrupted or continuously jammed, the UAV either lands as a precautionary measure or returns back to its origin. Either way, the goal has been accomplished—your drone blocker got rid of the intruder.

The drone high power jammer can shut down signals at 433MHz, 915MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.8GHz RF bands simultaneously, ensuring it covers all the most common signal frequencies drones use for communication, with the option to also create GNSS disruption (basically, GPS and GLONASS won’t work correctly). With the signal shut down, any drone in the vicinity will be forced to land on the spot or return back to its starting point, depending on how its internal algorithms are set up, giving folks the ability to retrieve it for investigation (if it lands) or sending back a potential threat (if it returns home). When jammed, the drone’s video transmission is also immediately ceased, so it can no longer transmit any footage to the operator.

Drones may invade privacy

The invasion of privacy using a drone will be a clear cut criminal offence. Moving to criminalise the use of drones for any sort of anti-social behaviour empowers the public and private businesses to protect themselves against this behaviour. The single greatest drone defence is drone jamming. Drone wifi jammer already in use in sensitive areas surrounding government property and in some cases industrial property too. Legislation will soon be in place and a drone capture using drone jamming will tip the balance in favour of those on the right side of the law. Once a drone has been captured it can be electronically identified and the operator traced to source.

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The market demand for specifically anti-drone devices has risen as UAVs have exploded in popularity over the past several years.One of the major uses of the jamming technology is in guarding against a potential terrorist attack and for that reason the devices have seen a lot of success in the Middle East region.

While the jammers look like automatic weapons their functionality is quite different. Most block the drone’s ability to receive signals. Davos deployed the HP 47 Counter UAV Jammer which last saw action during Barack Obama’s visit to Berlin, Germany last year.

Jamming is regularly recognized from interference that can happen due to device defects or other accidental events. Devices that easily cause interference are regulated under various regulations. Jamming happens when an operator transmits on a busy frequency without first checking whether it is busy, or without being able to hear stations using the frequency.

There are some techniques to identify and stop these sorts of attacks. Wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) can make the signal jammer apparent, WIPS is a network device that monitors the radio spectrum for the presence of unauthorized access points (intrusion detection), and can automatically take countermeasures (intrusion prevention). Some radio-based devices support spread spectrum modulation so that hardware can cycle through different frequencies to make the devices harder to jam.




2017.09.12  How to created a GPS jammer

If we’re using pseudolites because GPS is signal jammer, how does the pseudolite get its position?

This is why military pseudolites will typically be fitted with some form of anti-jam technology, such as a controlled radiation pattern antenna. This allows the pseudolite to receive GPS satellite signals in the presence of cellphone jammers, determine its own position, and transmit that as part of its own navigation message.

In our quest to augment GPS and make it more robust, we have in fact created a GPS jammer, and achieved exactly the opposite. As with any radio communications link, the received power is extremely sensitive to the distance (varying with the square of distance). In pseudolite terminology, this is known as the near/far problem.

How can a receiver handle the high power of a close-up pseudolite, which is to all intents a gps blocker whilst simultaneously receiving the tiny GPS satellite signals from space? Various solutions have been proposed over the years, but one of the current favorite techniques involves pulsing the pseudolite signal.

Most GPS receivers will have a certain amount of automatic gain control (AGC), which is a feedback loop designed to keep power levels constant. Many GPS receivers, though, simply aren’t designed with enough AGC to handle pseudolite-level signals (think GPS jammers again).

WiFi jammers device

The objective of a tender issued in December of last year, with a closing date of Feb. 17, is to “develop a ground-based GNSS Jammer Location capability utilizing a single GNSS receiver capable of estimating the position of a GNSS jammer within 100 meters, and estimating jammer position within 10 meters when networked with other sensors.”

To enhance the future Navwar capabilities of DoD, a ground-based capability that can operate in urban canyons or mountainous terrain will provide a significant improvement to overarching Navwar capability. In some cases, gsm signal jammer may be deployed on mobile ground vehicles in an urban environment, making them difficult to detect and track.”

Vehicular Charging Jammers

DoD wants you to exploit opportunities offered by multipath and controlled radiation pattern antennas (CRPAs) to detect and locate 100-watt mobile jammers.

Pursuit drone and jamming technology offers affordable counter-drone capability. Saskatoon, SK & Portland, OR – May 8, 2017 – Portland, Oregon-based Radio Hill Technologies (RHT) has teamed up with Canadian drone manufacturer, Saskatoon-based Draganfly Innovations Inc. to explore an emerging counter-drone technology. Radio Hill, inventor of the Dronebuster, a 5 lb., 21-inch long, handheld counter-drone detection and jamming system, recently completed a large sale of Block 3 Dronebusters for the United States Army.